You can help Junior stay connected and feel safe.

“Instead of always having to do things on my own, Medical Motor Service make things so much easier.”



Junior, who lost his sight in his 50s and has had knee replacement surgery, depends on Medical Motors to attend physical therapy and the St. Mary’s Day Program. He heard about the agency during a visit to ABVI. Since his vision loss, cab rides made him anxious, having to get out of the car on his own. Ray, his Medical Motors driver, walks with him and helps him find his way. During the ride, Junior and Ray listen to the radio and joke together.

What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?

Is it the freedom to choose how and where you spend each day? To take part in activities you enjoy, to spend time with friends, and to make connections with others?

Each year, Al Sigl Member Agencies help over 55,000 children and adults with special needs lead more independent lives. YOU can help! Please consider making your gift by visiting